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Personal Training.



Adapting To Change

You can now workout from the comfort of your home with all the same benefits of in person one to one training.

With little or no equipment I will guide you through your 60 minute workout on your phone, tablet or laptop via FaceTime, WhatsApp video or Zoom. From anywhere in the world your next PT session is only a click away!

Virtual sessions are £50 per 60min session.


Useful tips for a great 

virtual session

Buy a tripod

I would say this is a number 1 for the to-do list! Propping a phone up against an ornament can lead to a manic session of camera readjustment. Use a tripod for your iPad/tablet or phone during sessions. Small desk mountable ones are great as you can move me abut if necessary 




FaceTime is my preferred way of communication due to great picture quality. There are plenty of alternatives if you don’t have access to FaceTime on your preferred device. WhatsApp video, zoom etc. 



Good wifi

Make sure you are in a room where you have good wifi/4G/5G so the session flows without any connection issues.



Water and sweat towel

Bring water and a sweat towel as you will need both during your workout.



Wear trainers/proper footwear

You may be at home and feel comfortable barefoot. With some exercises that involve jumping or specific leg work you will feel the benefit of proper footwear. Supportive footwear can make some exercises more comfortable with less impact on joints and foot injury prevention.


Do you need a mat?

If you don’t have a mat that’s no problem as you can improvise with a bathroom towel! In time you may want to invest in specific equipment (such as a mat) but you may not find it essential to begin with.



Wireless headphones

Most of the time wireless headphones are not required but may be useful if you are using a treadmill/rower/x-trainer/ski-erg during our sessions. Some of the fitness equipment mentioned can be noisy so its easier to have me ‘in your ear’ when training.

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